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When Should you Consider Chapter 7?

If you are having trouble making payments every month, or if you have an illness that won’t allow you to work, then filing for Chapter 7 may be a way for you to get a new start.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

Chapter 7

Bankruptcy Process

Chapter 7 can be handled in as little as 3 months. Usually it requires filing of some paperwork and a brief appearance in front of a bankruptcy trustee. By hiring one of our expert Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys, we can handle this process for you.

Chapter 7

Credit Counseling

Prefiling Requirement

A credit counseling certificate is required in order to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Usually this certificate costs $50 or less and proves that you understand how to use credit in the future.

Credit Counseling

Getting Protection From Creditors

The Automatic Stay

Once you have completed your credit counseling, you are now eligible to obtain a bankruptcy number. You do this by filing for what is called a skeleton or emergency petition. 

Getting Protection From Creditors

Bankruptcy Protection Begins

Creditors Will back Off

If any creditors call at this point, simply provide them with your filing # and the court your bankruptcy is being handled in. All proceedings to garnish wages, repossess cars, and foreclose home will also grind to a halt.

Bankruptcy Protection Begins

Creditors' Meeting

Schedule 341 Hearing

About 30 days after your bankruptcy has been filed, a 341 hearing will be scheduled. This meeting is conducted by the bankruptcy trustee appointed by the court.

Creditors' Meeting

Discharge Of Debts

Become Debt Free

Within 60 to 90 days after the creditors’ meeting, we will receive your discharge order from the court. This letter will state that all legally dischargeable debts are discharged in your case.

Discharge Of Debts

What Happens To Your Home?

Fortunately all states have laws that allow you to keep a good deal of your personal property (homes, cars, retirement accounts). 

There are some exceptions to this, and it is a good idea to speak with one of our attorneys who can help you determine what personal property you can keep.


With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you can remove most debts that you have incurred.

Start Over

A Chapter 7 allows you to start over by wiping the slate clean. Find out if you qualify.


You may be eligible to keep your home, car, and retirement accounts. Find out how.

Experience Counts

Bankruptcy Experience Counts!

For almost a decade we worked for banks processing their assets that were in default. Gain the upper hand with our inside knowledge.

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Did You Know? You may be able to stay in your home payment free? Sometimes greater than a year…

Did You Know? A Chapter 7 can be filed with the courts, and you can be debt free in 60-90 days?

Mr. Luiey Haddad and his managing partner Mr. Sasan Mirkarimi are exemplary real estate attorneys. I observed their work in the San Diego Courtroom. I was impressed with their clarity, fortitude and comprehension of the issues involved. Their breath and depth and enormous legal ability was absolutely required in the case before them. Their efforts and legal acuity won the final hearing which lead to a very good settlement. They also monitored and weighed carefully the cost and benefit part of the legal process. I highly recommend them. Jack M. Bennett, California licensed real estate broker and business advisor.
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Equity legal is a great team of professionals with diverse legal backgrounds and valuable years of experience. They are my go-to experts for all my business and personal legal needs. If you want your case or legal need properly addressed, I suggest you hire this 5 star team!
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Did You Know? You may qualify to keep all of your assets such as your home, car, and retirement accounts. Find out how?

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