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We Fight COVID-19 Denial Claims.

Have you been denied coverage for business interruption insurance during this difficult time? You still may be able to recover lost payments even if you have been denied.

What Is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption insurance is simply the ability for a business owner to collect payments during a catastrophic loss (like a fire or flood).

More specifically, the insurer will pay for  the actual loss of business income if it is caused by a “direct physical loss” to the insured business. 

You may also be covered in the event you are forced to be closed by a government or civil authority, and you have suffered a significant loss in income as a result. 

Business Interruption Insurance
COVID-19 has disrupted business owners

It may be possible to collect against your business interruption insurance Even if your insurance agent or insurance company denied your claim.

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Bad Faith Insurance

Bad Faith Insurance Claims are when an insurance company interprets the law that is favorable for them to deny coverage.

What we are seeing is this is happening to business owners across the board. The fact is, if you have heard this from your insurance company

  • No, we don’t cover acts of god
  • No, we don’t cover viral pandemics
  • No, we don’t cover stay at home orders

Unfortunately a lot of insurance brokers or agents are automatically telling business owners that they do not cover it. A lot of business owners are accepting this as fact and walking away taking what their insurance company says as “truth”.

In fact, by the insurance companies training their staff to flat out deny, or tell people they do not cover your business, they are opening themselves up to what is called Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit

bad faith insurance claims COVID-19
You still may have a claim

What Does This Cost?

The most important question is what is this going to cost me?
The great news these types of claims that we are taking on are taken on is on a contingency basis.

  • That means, no recovery it still doesn’t cost you
  • We advance all expenses during the lifecycle
  • If we do recover it is 33% of the claim

If you have any questions, please reach out to us, and we can talk about the next steps to proceed.

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