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Are you receiving threatening phone calls from RTR to foreclose on your home?

Real Time Resolutions mortgage Lien Settlement Guide

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What Is Real Time Resolutions?

Real Time Resolutions is a Dallas Texas company formed in 2000. They originally went into business to as a collection agency and servicer of real estate mortgage loans. In 2016 they earned their designation as Certified Professional Receivables  Company and started buying & managing debt collection for commercial, auto, student, and consumer loans

Contact Information

Real Time Resolutions, Inc.
1349 Empire Central, Dr.
Suite 150
Dallas, TX 75247
(877) 469-7325

Is RTR A Real Company?

Yes. Real Time Resolutions is a fully licensed company that collects on 1st and 2nd lien mortgages that have purchased from banks like Bank Of American and Wells Fargo. 

Real Time Resolution Complaints

Real time resolutions has been sued in court over 200 times, In California alone RTR has been sued 64 times. The following complaints have shown up on Yelp, Google, and Better Business Bureau.

Harry Hollis
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since I moved to Germany they still haunt me. seems the good reviews are from realtors who are getting excellent service on short sales etc. For us still reeling from 2008 they haunt us even after moving to Europe.
Jennifer W
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My sister has received 2 collection letters from Real Time. The first we jumped on the train, it offered a 1 lump payment to resolve the account approximately 33% of the debt (and 2 other payment plan options) but during the phone conversation as we were prepared to pay the 1 lump payment the guy from Real time said we would be charged the entire debt payment. What?! We then asked what terms were offered in the collections statement, as there were 3 options and crickets...he couldn't even confirm the 3 options provided in statement. So we hung up! I'm not paying someone over the phone that can't even recite what was offered in collections statement! Not even sure they own the debt! Refuse to negotiate payment of debt when he was clueless about the payment options.
Laurie L
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Stay away from this company. They say I signed a contract with them that allows a prepayment penalty of 31,0000.00. I still have not see the contact yet. Who would even offer a contact like that???

Are You Facing A RTR Foreclosure?


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Real Time Resolutions Mortgage Foreclosure

If you have received a foreclosure notice or a call from RTR regarding the foreclosure of your 1st or 2nd mortgage, then it is possible that RTR purchased your loan and has legal right to your property. 

However it is important to remember that RTR must provide proof of ownership of regarding your 1st or 2nd mortgage. It is not uncommon for a bank failure to provide such documentation.

Can RTR The 2nd Lien Holder Foreclose On My Property?

A second mortgage lien holder has the right to foreclose on your property even if the 1st mortgage holder is current on their payments. However, the 2nd lien holder  must receive approval from the 1st lien holder to approve the foreclosure proceedings. 

If a 2nd lien holder is unable to receive approval for their foreclosure request in court, they still have the right to recover losses. This is known as a deficiency judgement.

Statute Of Limitations

Please fill out the statute of limitations

Real Time Resolutions Short Sale

It is possible to settle your debt through a short sale with RTR. However, you must first get approval from your financial institution(s) and fill out the following documents provided on RTR website

Short Sales may have tax consequences. In some cases it makes more sense to negotiate your foreclosure directly.

Real Time Resolutions Settlement

real time resolutions settlement
Real Time Resolutions, Inc. may have purchased your loan for pennies on the dollar.

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What Are My Rights?

What Should I watch out For?

How A Law Firm Can Protect You Against Real Time Resolutions?

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