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Equity Legal LLP Is a Top Rated Real Estate Law firm In San Diego

It’s one thing to know the law as real estate attorneys, it’s another to practice it. In fact, we are also real estate developers in San Diego and find that this expertise greatly increases the value of guidance we give to our clients. 

Real Estate Litigation

We are top real estate litigators in San Diego. Do you have a case that needs a second opinion? Contact us today.
Signing Escrow Papers

Real Estate Transactions

We are licensed real estate brokers in San Diego, and can help you navigate your next property deal.

Real Estate Easements

Solve easement problems before they tie up your asset. We have expert easement lawyers on staff.

Legal Services

Real Estate Developers

We practice what we preach. By combining real estate law with real estate development we are able to serve our clients in a more unique way.

Experienced Attorneys

Our San Diego Real Estate firm covers all areas to protect your interests. From business contracts, litigation, real estate foreclosures, to bankruptcy. We have your equity covered.

Top Rated

Equity Legal LLP, has been honored to receive top merit awards from Super Lawyers, Avoo, and from numerous clients. We can assist you with any legal matter in San Diego and look forward to speaking with you.

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Featured Project

Centre St. Development In North Park

Our latest real estate development has broken ground in North Park San Diego. We are acting principals in this development.
Real Estate Development Lawyers
We Are A Team Of Experienced Real Estate Lawyers

We Are Lawyer, Brokers, & Attorneys

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a complex real estate situation. However, if you are, you want the best legal team on your side. We understand real estate from many different angles and can help you navigate any case.

Real Estate Brokerage

Do you have a real estate transaction. Our attorneys can help you with any real estate acquisition or disposition.

Easement Law

Do you have a boundary dispute, or an encroaching property line? Easement lawsuits can tie up your property for years if not solved properly.

Seaport Village San Diego
San Diego Real EsTate Lawyers

We Work With You To Solve Your Legal Problems

Equity Legal LLP is setup to meet the needs of any real estate situation. We are property developers, real estate brokers, and lawyers. Find out more about our guiding principals. 

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Get A Free Copy Of Our Real Estate Foreclosure Guide

Are you facing foreclosure, or in the middle of one? Learn how to navigate this complex process and stop or delay your foreclosure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our complimentary free 15 minute consultation is to help you evaluate whether you have a case to move forward in a legal proceeding. We also offer the consultation for business clients, and for those with a quick question on whether they need to hire an attorney for their legal or business situation. Please note, it is not always possible to give you a definitive answer within this time frame as your situation may be complex. In this case we recommend an hourly retainer to go over your situation in a more detailed and guided manner. 

Our offices are convenientyl located in downtown San Diego. We offer parking validation to those clients who visit us in person, otherwise we can handle your case over the phone. If you choose to come to our offices, we are on the 33rd floor of symphony towers.

Address: 600 W Broadway Suite 700, San Diego, CA 92101
Call Us: 619-376-1275
Mon – Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
f: 619-615-2322

Since every case is unique, we can’t fully answer this question. Some cases we can take on contingency and you pay nothing, while others we require a retainer agreement in place before moving forward. We recommend getting in touch for your free 15 minute consult to determine if this is right for you.

The easiest most readily available information can be found on the internet. Read through all of their reviews, and request referrals to their clients. Read all of their retainer agreements and if anything within that agreement does not make sense, then it’s important to bring that up before moving forward. If you are in a litigation situation, always note that these types of cases can take longer than expected and possibly cost more. 

It is not always wise to go with any attorney. It’s important to find attorneys who specialize in your area of conflict or business dealings. 

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