Expert Real Estate & Business Legal Advice

Founded on the principles of quality representation and personal service, Equity Legal is dedicated to helping the real estate and business needs of its clients. As attorneys and licensed real estate brokers, we are is uniquely positioned at the confluence of law, commercial/residential real estate, and business.

Being both a law firm and real estate brokerage, Equity Legal is committed to the preservation, development, improvement, and operation of real estate. The firm represents commercial developers, investors, lenders and entrepreneurs in the acquisition, development, management, financing, sale and leasing of real estate. Equity Legal also provides legal advice to individuals and businesses in a variety of transactions, including corporate entity formation, consulting on employment issues, licensing and management of healthcare businesses, and venture equity/debt financing.

Star And Stripes San Diego Bay

We are San Diego Real Estate Attorneys Who Specialize In Property, Investment, Business, & Contract Law.

Real Estate Lawyers

Our practice is designed to assist our clients in a diverse set of real estate matters.

Real Estate Developers

We practice what we preach by developing our own real estate deals. We can assist you better as a result.

Expert Contract Attorneys

Contracts are at the heart of any successful real estate or business transaction. We are experts in contracts.


It takes strategy, persistence, and knowledge to win any litigation case. We have a solid track record of doing so.

Business Specialists

We specialize in business formation, acquisition, disposition, and litigation. We protect your business.


Protecting your equity in any investment is a wise decision. Our firm looks out for any areas of where you can't see the risk.

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